Two Years To Feel Beautiful

Hey Everyone,

I know it has been a couple weeks since I updated the site, but it has been an incredibly busy two weeks. I had my social on Thursday April 17th (one day after my 2 year anniversary to healthy). It was a spectacular time. The support and love I felt truly was amazing.

I did an update video the Sunday after, and also reflected on my time. I will post both on here now (and the video before that as I didn’t post it either).

April 13th Video…

April 20th Video….Thank You :)

My Sunday Reflection…

I realized today that I am amazing. It took me two years to transform. The social was supposed to be my “me” moment. The moment I realized I finally did it. And….I was right. I’m blessed to have shared such an incredible moment with so many amazing people who have touched my life. Because of your support, love, and belief in me, I can now say that I have truly accepted myself, and can now say I am beautiful and believe it.

I was talking to someone close to me yesterday, and she said she can’t remember crying tears of joy like that in such a long time. I thought about it today, and I will admit I bawled tears of joy. Life is full of so many hard times, so many negatives and difficulties. But I have realized through my journey that if we look around we are surrounded by love. I have gone from feeling completely alone, to now feeling like the luckiest person in the world.

To all of you, I cannot show my thanks enough for helping me realize how amazing it feels to accept yourself, love yourself, and truly be proud of who you are as a person.

I only wish I can be here for you, as you have been to me.


Two years and I feel like a completely different person. I feel like I am the person I’ve always wanted to be. The person I thought would just magically show up one day. Two years, wow. Am I now done, absolutely not. I am excited to see what I can do, and what I can achieve in the next two years. I feel like I can do almost anything. I am excited to keep up with the workouts, and see where I can go. No goals, just to keep going. I’ll figure out the goals along the way. But…..whatever they will be I know I will feel amazing trying to achieve them.

Thank you once again to everyone who has helped me. I truly would not be here without you. You inspire me, push me to be the best I can be, and with your love and support have helped me more than I could ever explain in words.

Stay healthy!

Tammy :)

Popping Pills in Sport by Allison Rasquinha

The recent suspension of Lance Armstrong’s coach Johan Bruyneel based on his participation in a doping conspiracy has again brought to the forefront the issue of athletes using performance enhancing drugs in sport. Although there are many different reasons why athletes may decide to use performance enhancing drugs in sport, a main common determinant is to cope with the pressure of meeting ever increasing performance standards in sport.
Years ago, sprinters were not as fast, high jumpers were jumping lower, time trials were slower. But with the advent of improved training and coaching techniques, as well as a host of other ways to improve performance in athletics (i.e., supplements, sport psychology, training techniques, and of course, performance enhancing drugs) world records are being broken year after year.

Sport is more than a pastime or a hobby, it is a billion dollar industry (projected to reach $67.7 billion in revenue by 2017 by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP) that depends on athletes performing at astounding levels in order to continue to generate revenue and interest. How many people would tune in to watch the Olympics if there were no records being broken (for example, the London 2012 Olympic Games saw 66 Olympic records and 30 world records broken)? Likely many fewer.
With these performance standards increasing, the pressure to perform at high levels is increasing as well. Coaches, owners, broadcast stations and fans expect much more out of athletes than ever before. This creates an inordinate amount of pressure on athletes to perform. Not only that, but for the majority of professional athletes, their sport is their livelihood. If they are not meeting performance expectations, they may run the risk of losing playing status on their respective team, and thus their income. However, at a certain point, there are limits to the performance capabilities of the human body. Athletes are not evolving at a rate where they can be expected to be breaking new records every year naturally, and training techniques and supplements have a limit to how effectively they can improve performance. So where does that leave the athlete who has tried all natural techniques to perform better? At the choice of whether or not to continue to compete naturally at their current performance level – or to compete unnaturally by using performance enhancing drugs and improve.

Performance enhancing drugs are villanized by the media and fans as a method of cheating and achieving performance in an unnatural/underhanded way. However, it is these same organizations and individuals that are creating these high expectations for athletes, and thus the pressure on athletes to achieve increasingly high performance standards. This creates a vicious cycle whereby media and fans expect exceedingly high performance standards, higher than natural training and chance will allow, yet punish athletes who try to achieve it using performance enhancing drugs and condemn these athletes as liars and cheats.

At their simplest definition, performance enhancing drugs allow athletes to train longer and recover faster. Their bad reputation largely is based on their negative side effects, which the athletes who use them tend to be educated about. These performance enhancing drugs are no substitute for proper training and technique, but they do exactly what their name suggests: enhance performance. A combination of training, work ethic, technique, ability and performance enhancing drugs are able to see performance gains at a rate that satisfy media and fans and see world records broken, as evidenced by the number of world records set and broken at the Olympics and the corresponding number of drug tests increasing (doubled to over 5 000 in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London as compared to about 2 300 in the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney as reported by the IOC).

Before the media and fans continue to scrutinize and punish athletes for their decision to try and improve their performance using pharmaceutical aids, first examine the environment they created that made the decision to go “unnatural” something athletes had to consider in the first place. The pressure these professional athletes are under is enormous. If the sports industry accepted normal levels of performance, perhaps the pressure athletes felt to use drugs would be undermined, and no longer an issue.

Check out the following article for more information on the suspension:

Making Your Goals Stick by Allison Rasquinha

This is the time of year where as clothes are being shed, so too are people wanting to shed pounds to get that summertime body, are entering half-marathons, marathons, triathlons, death races, iron-mans….

Summertime goals get very ambitious, and although some athletes and exercisers do achieve their goals, unfortunately many more end up not completing their weight-loss and fitness goals. What is the factor that differentiates those who are successful in achieving their goals, to those who let there goals pass them by?

There are many different theories surrounding how to set goals that increase the probability of achieving them. You may have heard of SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Oriented), or setting short-term and long-term goals. Although this may seem doable, the majority of people see these time-consuming goal setting processes as a barrier to goal setting, and as a result fail to set goals at all. So how do we make goal-setting simple, and a do-able? As let’s face it, the goal itself should be the hard part, not the act of setting it.

This one principle will guarantee that you achieve your goal this summer, no matter what it is. Simplicity. Make a one line goal, and every decision you make will either help you achieve it or will not; this will ensure that you are always acting in a way that puts you on the path to achieving your goal.

For example:
The Goal: I want to lose ten pounds by July.
You are contemplating an extra helping of dessert. Will this help you lose ten pounds by July? No.
You are thinking of pulling an all-nighter for work. Will this help you lose ten pounds by July? It likely will not matter one way or another as long as you don’t indulge in bad snacks when staying up.

The Goal: I want to finish a marathon in September.
You are contemplating an extra helping of dessert. Will this help you complete a marathon in September? It likely will not matter one way or another if you are training hard.
You are contemplating pulling an all-nighter for work. Will this help you complete a marathon in September? No. This will affect your training the next day and therefore results.

This principle of having a simple goal is well-explained by Chip and Dan Heath in their book “Made to Stick”. In the book, the author outline how simple goals are the easiest to achieve, as long as the message is clear. Your actions will either support or defy the overriding goal.

They use the example of Southwest Airlines, one of the most profitable airlines in the world as an example. Their simple goal is to be the “lowest fare airline.” So when Southwest received feedback that on longer flights where they were only serving a packet of peanuts people were getting hungry and would have preferred a chicken salad, did they add the salad? Would the addition of the salad contribute to them being, “the lowest fare airline”? No. So the peanuts stayed.

Setting goals can be that simple! So instead of overtaxing yourself, making a variety of goals, trying to stick to rules of goal setting or following the best theory, have a one line goal that is very clear, and use it to guide your actions in a yes or no fashion. Will your action help you achieve your goal? Yes or no. And watch the pounds drop off and the miles stack up.

How to Win at Everything by Allison Rasquinha

In sport and fitness, the quest for perfection is the overriding goal of many athletes and competitors. Pitching the perfect baseball game, shooting the perfect 3 point basket, having the perfect figure in bodybuilding. Perfection is what many athletes strive for in competition, and what drives them to train harder, commit more, and be constantly self-critical of flaws and shortcomings. Perfection is often synonymous with success in the sporting world, and in our lives in general. If you can achieve perfection, then you have succeeded.

Sport and competition propagates the pursuit of perfection by the win/loss dichotomy that is inherent to the nature of competition. In sport, we tend to assigns labels to winners and losers, and since there can only be one winner, the rest of the competitors are losers. This win/loss mentality in sport and competition is further strengthened by slogans with the intention to motivate athletes such as “There is no second place”, and “If you’re not first, you’re last.” Most serious competitors abandon the idea of “It is not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game” the very first time they lose the game. As you can imagine, these motivational sayings increase the pressure that competitors feel to succeed, or to achieve perfection.

Unfortunately, this pursuit of perfection may be a misnomer. In sport, especially in open sports where you are actively competing against another person or team rather than in a controlled environment, perfection is not a realistic goal. Even if you were to do everything perfectly yourself, you can not control the actions of your opponents or even teammates. In fact, what does a perfect soccer game even look like, or a perfect body? Even a team playing poorly or with a weak player may win, and every judge will look at a body differently. What is perfect is in the eye of the beholder; for many sports there is no absolute standard. This makes it even harder to achieve perfection, as you may be striving for a goal that in intangible, and with many different, and at times competing, standards. Not only that, but there is no end-point to perfection. You may have considered perfection to be finishing a half marathon in 1.5 hours, but if you achieve that you will likely push yourself to achieve a new, higher goal as you can’t be perfect yet!

This constant striving for new, higher goals when a goal has been achieved is called ‘conditional goal setting.’ Although this constant pressure may mean that you achieve benchmarks and personal bests that you previously considered impossible, these accomplishments are accompanied by the stress of always striving for more and never feeling the relief of accomplishment; when a goal is accomplished, there is no joy or relaxation at this win, a more ambitious goal will immediately take its place.

How do you relieve the pressure of striving for perfection? Change your goal to strive for EXCELLENCE. Unlike perfection, excellence can be achieved even if you do not come in first. The second place competitor can put in an excellent performance, even potentially more excellent than the first place finisher. You can play an excellent soccer game, or have an excellent figure. By changing your goals to striving for excellence and not perfection, you vanquish the possibility of being a loser as long as you give your honest 100% effort; feeling like you have achieved success does not rely on a medal, standing, or judge’s opinion. And when you start striving for excellence instead of perfection and relieve yourself of the pressures of achieving unattainable standards, you can win everyday.

Tammy’s Update – Back On Track….LOVE it :)

Hey everyone,

I’m officially back on track and loving it.  Feels sooooo good.  I’m not doing crazy workouts 7 days a week, but the diets are back on track and it feels like everything else is also.

Video update from last weekend (sorry it has been a busy week).

Stay healthy!!

Tammy :)

One Fit City – A New Voice on Thinness – Allison Rasquinha

One Fit City is honored to have a brand new voice in Allison Rasquinha. A performance consultant by trade, her perspective is educated and unique. Let it motivate you to find something different to push you towards health. Allison is an asset to the movement towards building a healthy Nation, One Fit City at a time.

Is Thinness Happiness?


I want to be thin.


Why is it that thinness is often the overriding goal of gym-users, grinding away on the treadmill for hours at a time in pursuit of thinness idealized by North American culture? Those sweating it out in this manner are unconcerned with trying to achieve improvements to cardiovascular fitness, the health benefits of exercise, the satisfaction of seeing gains in muscle, or seeking new personal bests in the weight room. These are the gym-goers desperately trying to reveal collar bones, protruding hip bones, drop a clothing size, or get the thigh gap popularized by social media.


In today’s society of fat-shaming and thin models, many people are hitting the gym under the guise of “fitness”, when in reality their goal is to achieve the idealized skinny frame splashed on magazine covers and billboards. Why is it that we get sucked into this pursuit of thinness?


In North America, success is often judged in how well we are doing in comparison to other people. Who has a higher salary? A faster car? A bigger house? Who is thinnest? Being able to maintain a thin, idealized, body type for many is equated with success. This connection between thinness and success is the direct result of showcasing this relationship in movies, magazines, and ad campaigns that portray successful, fashionable, and happy-looking people as thin, creating a link between being thin and being successful. In a results-driven culture where success is constantly sought after, this creates an inordinate amount of pressure to maintain a thin body.


But does thinness equal success? Absolutely not. If getting thin is your goal in the gym, it is time to re-evaluate, and change that goal to fitness. Fitness allows you to chase your kids around the park, play ball with your friends, go for a peaceful morning jog. Fitness will prolong your life, boost your mood, enhance your energy, and increase your overall happiness.


Thinness, in contrast, does not necessarily do any of the above. Although taking a peek at those protruding hips may give you fleeting joy, it is accompanied with the corresponding pressure of having to maintain that ideal. After all, after getting thin, what could be worse then gaining weight again, thus robbing you of the illusion of success that accompanied thinness; instead experiencing fatigue, irritable mood, and newfound stress of maintaining the thinness.


The quest for thinness is never over; there is always a new level of thinness you can try to achieve. It is the same conundrum of trying to achieve happiness in a comparative manner – trying to one-up other people by having the highest salary, fastest car, biggest house. Although the end result may seem like a happy life, it is irrevocably intertwined with the pressure of trying to maintain this “better than” status. As you can not control the success of others, the uncertainty and fluidity of the “better than” status is inherently stressful. In the same way, there will always be someone thinner you will have to beat.


Fitness is under your control, an not necessarily comparative in nature. You can be as fit, healthy, and subsequently as happy as you’d like. You can pick your diet, choose your workout routines, and decide your personal fitness goals. This sense of control, along with the physical and psychological benefits of a fit (not necessarily thin) body, are rewarding without being comparative. Fitness takes on many forms: people can have the same level of fitness and very different bodies; a fit ice skater does not have a body that resembles a fit sprinter, or a fit football player. However, as your potentially more wealthy, higher earning peers may agree – happiness from fitness is a lasting success.

One Fit City – the number 21 – and other lessons in commitment

Well I did it. I went to the gym 21 times. That is 3 times a week for 7 weeks. This a pretty big accomplishment for me. It is my greatest gym attendance ever.

This isn’t my first self improvement blitz. I’ve tried on three previous occasions with exactly three attempts each time. Each one of those ended for some stupid reason. But I wasn’t really setting myself up for success either.

This time I’m doing it differently.

First I’m telling each of you about my self improvement, making myself publicly accountable. I’m also keeping a detailed journal about each visit to the gym tracking the exercises I perform.

Next I’m working with a trainer. It helps to have someone that knows what they’re doing to help me. He teaches me how to work out safely and to push just hard enough to get my best. Also he can’t be fooled.

I schedule my work outs. I enter it into the calendar on my phone and I stick to it. I don’t miss the parent teacher meetings scheduled into my phone. I don’t skip work that is scheduled into my phone so I don’t skip work outs.

I’ve set realistic goals and look to take the next step as I reach my goals.

But it isn’t all sunshine and lollipops. There are days and weeks that suck. When there is more work and stuff to do, than time in the day.  I got sick and suffered an injury in the past 7 weeks. All events that would have stopped me in the past. But I stuck it out and reached this first mile marker.

And what’s with the number 21? Some experts believe that if you can do anything 21 times it improves the chances of becoming a habit. So while it takes a great deal more than just showing up 21 times to be successful, I’ll take all the help I can get.

Chris Broughton

Tammy’s Update

Hey everyone,

It is already Tuesday, wow time is flying by. I hope you are all having a great week!!

I thought I would post my video update from the weekend.

Have a great week!!!

Tammy :)

Tammy’s Back….All My Updates :)

Hey everyone,

I am back. I have since had my skin surgery, and am just getting back into the grind of working out.

I thought I would update everyone since we were “out”, and post my video updates since then to current.

October 20, 2013:

October 27, 2013:

November 11, 2013:

November 17, 2013:

December 1, 2013:

December 22, 2013:

January 4, 2014:

February 2, 2014:

February 17, 2014:

March 2, 2014:

I also was featured in the Winnipeg Sun this past week. The link to that is as follows:

Thanks again for all your support!! I’m glad to be back!!!

Stay healthy!!

Tammy :)

One Fit City – Meet Kristine – She’s found her path and she’s stoked!

The whole goal of this blog was to find stories of success. Not just from the creators of the blog, but other trainers. This is the first of what One Fit City hopes is many. Kristine started working with Doug Drobot, a fantastic trainer with his Degree and background in sport. He coaches kids, so you know he can be kind, but crack a whip when it’s time to work. Keep in mind, this program was created for Kristine, and you may require something totally different. Talk with a professional, and get working on your fitness path.

Here is Kristine’s first blog – Thanks to Doug for convincing her it was a good idea.

My name is Kristine and I started at Snap Fitness on Taylor December of 2013, I first joined up years before hand at the Snap Fitness on Pembina but as the gym has never really been my thing I didn’t take to it and soon gave up on the idea of getting fit at a gym. For me I liked to be outdoors and swim and hike and go for bike rides outside, for me being in the gym for two hours a day just seemed to be a waste of a beautiful day and the drive to get to the gym did not thrill me either. I have tried in an attempt to get into shape at other gyms (pools,Shapes) but with little success, I didn’t feel motivated to join I felt uneasy and my confidence was very low not only in my ability but in myself.

For years I struggled to keep on top of my weight but for me food was a huge problem in my life, when I was stressed I would eat, sometimes I would eat out of boredom and sometimes I wouldn’t even know why I was eating I just felt I had a craving that only food could satisfy. I was never very comfortable showing off my body in bathing suits or even shorts or a dress, my legs have always been a huge issue for me and until now I felt that no matter what I did it was a lost cause I was never going to get fit and be at a good weight where I felt comfortable and happy with myself. I went through a lot of ups and downs before I decided that I wanted to try again.

So I spoke to my family letting them know that I wanted to start going to the gym and that Snap had a trial 1 month membership and from where I was living there was a snap fitness 10 minutes away. I got the card in the mail about a week or so later and part of the trial is you get a free nutrition consult and fit Score. I called without hesitation and set up my meetings a few days later. When I walked in the staff was incredibly friendly and it was a nice big open gym where I didn’t feel out of place I saw all sorts of people there whether they were young, older, bigger or those who just want to keep their figure, I felt relieved that is was such a relaxed place and I knew I would get the help I needed.

For my fitscore I met Doug one of the personal trainers at Snap Fitness on Taylor and first impression was he was the kind of guy that could help me get back into shape and feel good about myself without me feeling anxious or “not working hard enough” He ran a few tests to check my strength, endurance and flexibility needless to say I felt awkward because of how out of shape I was. Then he ran it through the computer and talked to me about my goals and how I was as far as fit wise, I never felt uncomfortable talking to him, he never asked me what my diet was like nor did he push to find out what type of exercise I was doing for me I felt all he cared about was that I was in the door and taking the first step to getting back into shape. Doug also had one last job before we could part for the day and I would start my nutrition consult… he had to take my measurements, needless to say I was uncomfortable because I knew I was big at least big for me.. and I didn’t want to know just how badly I had let myself down over the years. He was encouraging throughout the whole thing and we spoke about different training options and what types of exercises I could do to help strengthen my body and increase my endurance.

I told Doug that my main reason for doing this was so I could enjoy going out and taking my dog Diablo for
jogs and actually be able to keep pace with him for more that 5 minutes so we worked on trying to get me into the gym at least 3 times a week to work on it.

Next I was introduced to the Truestar program through my nutrition consult and all I have to say is when I first looked at the sight it was confusing but the different recipes that you could make and all of the different options you could choose from was amazing they truly outdid themselves for this website. With a little coaching I was able to pick up how to navigate the site and how to set up my nutrition guide so that the recipes that come up are specifically geared towards me nutrition goal. For example I am on a 1300 calorie a day high protein low calorie diet which based on your goals and expectations you set up in your nutrition consult, I have 3 meals plus a snack for the day and all of the recipes are only the amount of calories you are allotted per meal. For example my breakfast I am allotted 300 calories so when you are in your nutrition and daily meal plan when you select breakfast and substitute it will give you all breakfast meals that are 300 calories and that are specific to my high protein.

At first I thought for sure that like any diet I was going to feel starved but I was assured that because I am giving my body the proper nutrition and the proper portions that I would not feel hungry in fact that it was a lot more food that I would expect. I was skeptical but I tried to follow the meals as much as I could during the holiday season, I found that just changing my diet to the meals through Truestar I lost 7 lbs in just over a week! I know a lot had to do with not eating heavy meats like hamburger and not eating nearly as much carbohydrates but I was incredibly surprised at how good I felt after just a short period of time, although I was not going to keep that weight off due to Christmas being right around the corner but I continued and was determined to get back to it after the holiday season. I truly believe in the
Truestar program I have never felt better about the food I am putting into my body nor about the quality, All of the recipes I have come across I have not found one that has some weird random food that I have never heard of, I have had no problem finding the foods that they require and they don’t take a lot so buying for two weeks worth of meals is the same as two weeks worth of terrible for you foods yet the benefits are far greater.

Just shortly before Christmas I heard about the HIIT classes (High Intensity Interval Training) that Doug was going to be training and I was intrigued as to what the class would entail so as a gift my family purchased some classes for me and I decided I wanted to go three times a week because the classes were convenient in the evening for me and it was a commitment that I had to keep. Well I have stuck with the classes for just over a month and I have seen along with my family amazing results. The classes are as they say intense especially for those who are not very active but I felt amazing after the class I felt tired and sore but not to the point where I couldnt move for days on end….. that was after my first two classes :P I have completed 14 classes and I dont plan on stopping I have never enjoyed something so much, it is not only great for your body but for your spirit the people at Snap are amazing they always make me feel welcome and always ask how I am doing as if they have known me for years, I can walk into that gym and feel like family they are great at what they do and always make an effort to let you know that
you are doing great. The people in the class are equally as amazing I always feel good going to class knowing its going to be fun talking about how sore we were the last class or how our week has been, its great to be able to have that communication with people who like you are looking to better themselves and get fit.

When I first started the classes I was almost 200 lbs.. you would never have guessed because I hid my weight well… all over the place so its evenly distributed. After two weeks of the classes I asked Doug if he could remeasure my hips and thighs and I was surprised to find that I had lost two inches on my hips and an inch in my thighs. I also have been able to drop a few pounds but as I workout I put on muscle and lose fat so the scale does not move too fast but it does not discourage me. I have had so much support over the last few months not only from my family but from the Snap fitness team that I can finally see my goal within reach I finally feel it is obtainable and I have finally found the environment in which I can keep motivated and in good spirits about myself. I will keep posting about the delicious recipes and
I will continue to work hard and help to motivate other people to try Truestar and Snap Fitness out as I am living proof that you can turn yourself around with the right environment and the right tools and motivation.

OH… I almost forgot I have been on the Truestar program everyday for about a month now and the things I used to love and crave and I used to get cravings alot… they have almost all completely disappeared.. I no longer eat double the portion amounts I no longer crave chips and chocolate and anything that was bad for me. In fact I only eat my three meals and my one snack a day and I feel so good after that I will never go back to eating the way I used to, even just going off for one or two meals I notice a huge difference I feel sluggish and tired and I can almost feel my digestion slow down to try and filter out the good nutrients out of it. Even just having hamburger I notice a difference right away. I feel anyone who is looking for a change should try Truestar out even if you dont want to go to the gym just changing the way you eat can make a HUGE difference in the way you think and feel about yourself.

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My dream is to change the fitness of my home town Winnipeg. Everything from first time exercisers to pro athletes. Tune in to my radio show on TSN at 6pm on Wednesday's called the "Weigh In". You will hear stories from the athletes I train athletes in the CFL, NFL, AHL, NHL, NCAA, and my favorite, local high schools.

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