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If you have 100lbs to lose – we have done that before with Tammy’s Free Press Success Story the 90 day challenge is a basis for those results.  Tammy succesfully changed her workout routine, changed a few things in her diet and added two shakes a day.  She still ate 2-3 small well planned meals. Her shakes leveled blood sugar, and filled her up.  The perfect boost to any weight loss program.

If you are an athlete or a young athlete this challenge if for you to ensure you are fueled and ready.  Start the day with a smoothie.  Almond milk, berries, flax, and TrueStregth protein powder. That’s how you start the day.  Then you get training, and training hard. 

The challenge is step by step, and day by day.  The best part about it, if you decide to get going, you have the support of experts at your finger tips.

What’s your goal going to be?

Weight loss – we can help get it done.

High Performance Sport – We are a proven product and will guide you.

Healthy living – That’s the only thing that matters.


If you have tried everything else, the only thing you have been missing is a solid team to help get it done.  Honestly.  You can’t succeed without help.  Solid product, solid plan… even more solid team.


4 Responses to Join The Challenge – it’s created for YOU!

  • Liz Rannie:

    Hi Jordan. I have set a goal for myself to run the half marathon in June.So far I can do 3 miles without too much trouble but am having a hard time getting over this distance.My question for you is a half marathon too much for someone my age (58) to tackle or is it doable at any age. Any hints on warm ups. Right now I just start off slow,actually I just do the whole run slow.Thanks for all you do to help people get fit. Liz

    • Liz,

      You definitely can get it done. There is nothing like setting a goal and finishing it. Have you looked into training using the 10min of jogging, 1 minute of walking program? You may want to even look at 10min and 3min of walking. If you do that 10 time over, you will be running your half mile distance in no time! No one said it had to be done in a row.

    • Jacquie M:

      Hi Liz
      I do not think it is too much for you. My husband did not exercise or workout at all. At the age of 49 he had a heart attack, 6 months later, he ran a 5km marathon with me and now he has done several 1/2 marathons. He is 52. You can do it, just know you can.
      Have you run in the past?

  • Jacquie M:

    You are not too old. Just know you can.

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