One Fit City – Eat like this, and give in to cravings

What’s the difference between losing 10-100lbs and looking good, or getting cover model ripped? People on magazines rarely if ever give in to cravings.  I ask clients to give me M-Th as perfect as possible.  If the absolutely need something not on their suggested list, go walk to get it.  Keep craving foods far away, and make it a decision to have to buy them.  If chocolate bars stay at the store instead of your desk drawer, you get more time to decide not to have it.

I don’t ask people to remove anything from their diet.  I do ask that they make sure they eat like this, or similar.

Breakfast 6am – Ultimate Wake Up Smoothie it’s about 290 calories in the shake.

Snack 9:30am – Greek yogurt and almonds – 300calories

Lunch 12pm– Spinach salad, with strawberries and 6 oz turkey breast – 265 calories

Snack 2:30pm – Vanilla protein shake, with cinnamon and almond milk.  210 calories

Dinner 5:30 – Quinoa, green and red peppers. Protein source(8 oz of beef, chicken, fish) – 410 calories.

Snack – Mixed nuts and seeds, cottage cheese.  350 calories

This will keep you below 1800 calories.  That means if you workout with a hard circuit, and run you will lose weight.  If you really want a “treat” have it on a workout day.  Workout smart and safe 5 days a week, and watch your body change.  What to hit cover model status? Then you have to restrict, and not allow cheats.

My suggestion.  If you are just starting out, don’t restrict anything.  Start by eating right, and getting through each day just following a guide.  Nothing is restricted, but I do want you to make sure you eat all of the above.   It’s amazing how this thought process gets your mind on fueling and what you can have, versus what you can’t have.

Drink water.  Every time you eat, drink 500ml of water. It will do your body wonders.

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